The best of world on a budget of €15 a day…

where we’ve been

No where yet! Will keep this as an active list once we start the railie (roady, but on rails, see what I did there?).


This student city in Styria, Austria, is compact, easy to get around and very charming – with a fast flowing river, a castle hill viewing point and a bustling old town at it’s heart. The people are friendly and things work here. If you visit at the right time – good weather and when the students are in town – it’s a great example of why life in Austria is pretty damn good. And why it’s a great destination for fifteenaday-ing.


Vienna is the capital city of Austria, and is known for Mozart, classical art and music and alongside Budapest, being the capital city of the old Hapsburg Empire. And you’ll find stacks of evidence of all of these things, added in with excellent museums, world class galleries, impressive architecture, great coffee, better cake, excellent cycling paths, good night life, brilliant street parties, funky markets…. ok, is it clear that I like this place??? Old mate Bill Bryson said that if Aliens landed in Vienna, they’d definitely think it was the capital of the planet, and I agree.


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