The best of world on a budget of €15 a day…

how it all started

The easiest way to explain how the project started is to take it back to the first post….

€15 a day? YES WAY.

Typically, I don’t ‘do’ budget travel. Friends and family are always amazed at my ability to pick the most expensive dress on the rack, meal on the menu or wine on the list.

It’s not that I’ve got loads of cash, it’s more that I’m exceptionally loose fisted with it.

And so I now find myself in a slightly ridiculous situation, where in a mere few days I’m setting off on a month long journey around Europe, armed with an rail pass, a Brompton bike and only a carry-on backpack.

Sounds like fun, right? Well, yes. But that’s not the only challenge; I’ve got to live on €15 a day, while making my way around 10 countries in 30 days. AND I didn’t even have space in the pack for a pair of heels to guarantee free drinks from babes along the way. Ho ho ho.

Still sounds like fun? Ideal, you’re my kind of reader.

But seriously, how did someone who prefers hotels to hostels end up on a trip that doesn’t provide budget for either?

Well, to be honest, a competitive and curious nature. While browsing on twitter (tweet me, baby) a certain tweet caught my eye challenging backpackers to complete the 30 day journey on a budget of only €15 a day. Not thinking much, I sent in my details and eventually came an email saying I was ‘ the chosen one’ for the mad trip.

First reaction? Elation. I win! Second came excitement, which quickly faded into a cocktail of dread and panic, with a pinch of disbelief and denial that I had actually signed up for this. WTF? €15 won’t cover accommodation (couch surfing <hyper> here I come?), let alone food (dear god I love good food) or the expensive binge-drinking habit I picked up at university.

I haven’t thought this through, I have not thought this through….

But through the necessity of a little forward planning, the disbelief and denial gradually slid away. I remembered that some of the best travel memories haven’t been the blow out £150 meals with swanky cocktails to follow.

But instead, I can still taste the ripest cherry tomatoes smothered on the freshest bread, topped with the sweetest basil, eaten whilst watching a sunset after a hill top climb.

Total price? Probably about €2.50 between two. But utterly priceless.

Wait…. Something’s happened here…. I think I just got the excitement stage back. I CAN do this!!! And what’s more, it might even be FUN.

But I’m left wondering one last thing; where am I going to go first!? Help me plan the epic journey by sharing your best budget memories in Europe. Please get in touch with any questions and suggestions – and particularly if you have a couch that I can surf on!!!!!

And so. This blog tells the tale of my quest to see the best of the world on a budget – day by day, on €15 a day.



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