The best of world on a budget of €15 a day…

Let people surf your couch NOW: InterRail budget tip of the day

Day 29 – Brussels (day trip to Luxembourg)

After saying yesterday that I haven;t been taking free lunches from people, for the second day in a row I have gone against that – thanks to the lovely Luc my only cost in expensive Luxembourg was a few bananas again – thus I can’t really offer tips about saving money in the beautiful little country.

And so I’ll turn my attention back to Couch Surfing.

I have been extremely fortunate and have been able to stay with friends a lot on this trip – as you can see from yesterday’s tip, I do think it’s the best way to go where possible.

Couchsurfing, however, is an excellent alternative and is certainly necessary on many occasions within a fifteenaday budget.

I have already given rules about couch surfing in a previous tip, but I’d like to expand on that and really recommend that you get stuck in NOW and start hosting people if you can. This way, you’ll be comfortable about knowing how it works, you’ll have more references on the site (thus making people more likely to host you) and you’ll probably end up hosting people from Europe so that they can return the favour when you’re on the road.

Like I said on the first day: It’s all about give and take.



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