The best of world on a budget of €15 a day…

I get by with a little help from my friends: InterRail Budget Tip of the Day

Day 28 – Brussels.

Re-reading this I realize it does sounds like the lesson you could take from this tip that “eating chocolate all day so you can afford beers at night”. Focus more on the ‘stay with friends’ part of the tip. But on the chocolate/beer note also do consider that while I’m well aware that this certainly doesn’t come up tops in the healthy living stakes, sometimes you do need to make sacrifices.

But, I digress….

Today I spent €1.96. Seriously. And 30 cents of that was on going to the toilet.

While I have been quite adamant from the start that me living on fifteenaday doesn’t mean someone else is footing the bill. It’s a game of getting good value for your euros, not spending someone else’s – and it has been an issue I have had to readdress over ad over again on this trip as my friends have been exhaustingly generous, trying to adopt the “don’t worry, it’s my shout” type policy.

However, every now and again, you do say yes to the kindness of strangers and friends. And of course, were things in the other direction, I would do the same. And that’s why I can recommend staying with good friends where possible. With good friends, you don’t mind tucking into their breakfast supplies and helping yourself to tea and biscuits because you know (or at least hope) that they’ll be knocking on your door in a few years to have the favour returned.

In Brussels, for example, I’ve been staying with my friend Joe, who I haven’t seen in about four years so I wanted to save my money up by having a cheap day so we could go out for some beers in the evening.

Luckily, Joe had been reading the blog and knew what I was up to. I cracked up at the time, but the sweetie had pinched a load of chocs from the coffee table at his office for me. Armed with these and a bag of Reese’s pieces that he’d been given but didn’t like, I set off for the day and rationed the chocolate throughout it, meaning that I only needed a few bananas here and there. And thus could afford an evening of almost frivolous. In the end, Joe actually shouted dinner, which is the first time I’ve actually said yes to being bought a meal out since this started (I think??)… so I’ll be banking up today’s fund to cook something hearty tomorrow for us all.

To all the fabulous friends who have hosted me on this trip: Thank you, I have been more grateful than you know! And FYI – I CAN cook things that aren’t pasta/pesto and I can’t wait to prove this to you when you come to NZ – roasts, curries and delicious deserts await you.


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