The best of world on a budget of €15 a day…

Start an import business – InterRail Budget Tip of the Day

Day 24 – Hamburg – Copenhagen

Prices in europe can vary hugely from country to country, even a small hop across a border can change everything. Slovenia to Italy is a good example, as is Austria to Switzerland and Germany to Denmark. What does this mean for fifteenadayers? Well – it’s time to make your cash back in the import business! Take goods across the borders from the cheaper countries so you have stocks in the more expensive countries. Whether it be taking wine across to Switzerland or beers to Denmark (I’m sure there are also non-alcohol related examples), you and your host in the pricey city will be happy you were so cunning and thought ahead. WELL DONE YOU.

Hamburg wasn’t as cheap as Berlin. But the reactions on people’s faces when I told them where I was going next implied it was definitely cheaper than what was still to come: Copenhagen, Denmark. Delighted to see the city but slightly anxious about the hole-in-my-pocket prices that I now fear await me, I decided that if I can make it in Switzerland I can make it anywhere. Wishing to be neither defeated nor sober in what is dubbed as one of the most expensive cities in Europe, I stocked up a little bottle of Jaegermeister and a few bottles of wine before leaving Deutschland. Moreover, I even took the leftover ingredients from last night’s dinner up on the train.

A few hours later (and after a ride on a ferry. They drove the train on to the ferry, I kid you not), I arrived into Copenhagen and instantly knew I was screwed. The restaurants, the bars, the people, the shops, the buildings… BEAUTIFUL.

I want, I want, I want!

Furthermore, a beer o’clock arrival coupled with rain,it seed like the best option was to enjoy a beverage. Luckily, I arrive at Dennis’s place armed with some ingredients that could quickly be turned into something that resembles a meal, and we also cracked open the wine while we had a little catch up. The wine and dinner being something that would have cost us significantly more had we have purchased from Danish supermarkets, so I instantly clock up some brownie points with the host already, AND I have almost got through my first day in Denmark without spending a cent across the border.

Like I say, ALMOST. Dennis didn’t actually believe I’d been sticking to the fifteenaday, so had bought us tickets to a party on a boat. Well….. I couldn’t exactly say no and even though I didn’t spend my first Kroner until about 11pm, I still spent more than my fifteenaday quota.

Let’s see if I can make this up……


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