The best of world on a budget of €15 a day…

Hangout with other budget travellers…. OR STUDENTS! InterRail Budget Tip of the Day

Day 25 – Copenhagen

Fifteenadaying involves eating bananas for lunch and drinking wine from bottles in parks.

These are things that you sometimes feel a little embarrassed asking hosts who have “real jobs” (hang on, wasn’t I in this category a few weeks ago?) to do.

But not when you’re travelling with students! Hanging out wither budget conscious segments of society (students, fellow budget travellers, homeless people) is a great way to save money – because your spending habits tend to mirror those that you spend with.

Dennis is from the States and has recently started his masters in Copenhagen. The prices are also making him cringe a little, too. He’s also on the tail end of what is effectively a 27 month world trip. Impressive. Thankfully, this means he’s MORE than happy to provide fifteenaday friendly company and knows the drill: a heavy breakfast so you spend less on food while you’re out, a day wandering and cycling round the city allowing for only one coffee/snack stop, followed by a sunset chill out spot before heading home for a dinner cooked at home, inviting pals over when they’re available.

He shows me Christiania (a really Copenhagen highlight) and we cycle up the coast out to the harbour, where we sit and watch the world go by while he entertains me with stores of his own travels.

As a result of such excellent and understanding company, one of the best days on this trip has ironically been spent in one of the least budget-friendly destinations.


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