The best of world on a budget of €15 a day…

Back to Barter; InterRail Budget Tip of the Day

Day 26 – Copenhagen.

Some destinations are not fifteenaday friendly and Copenhagen is one of them. So a few days in advance I decided to put myself to work. Knowing that the days of easily securing cash work are more or less over, I went for the barter option.

I’m not good for manual labour, what being a bit of a princess and all, but you can’t take the wannabe pint-puller out of my system, so a few days ago I sent out some emails to some Irish pubs in Copenhagen, pitching that I come work for a few hours in exchange for some hearty meals and some beers. Keeps me off the spending to make up for Friday night, and feeds me for the day.

And it was a laugh! The team at the Irish Rover were so lovely and interestingly, after almost a month of decided whether bananas or peanuts are better nutrition a few hours of clearing glasses was an ideal routine. It felt like home. A hearty burger and a few pints after, one of the lads showed Dennis and I a bar around the corner and I think I owe someone else a stay on my couch if they ever make it to NZ 🙂

I’m not sure I’m meant to admit this, but they let me keep a few tips which meant that y stay in Copenhagen was ALMOST back in the black.

So, raise your glasses to the Irish Rover people!


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