The best of world on a budget of €15 a day…

Taste The Locals: InterRail budget tip of the day

Day Twenty: Berlin.

Yesterday I sang the praises of meeting locals, today it’s about tasting the locals.

Taste the local people if you’re that way inclined (You should be that way inclined in Berlin, it’s like all the hot people gathered in one city and procreated. Some dyed their hair, got rich and went to Stockholm or Denmark but the rest seem to still be hanging out in the endless cafes and bars here in Berlin) but with that comment I’m actually referring to food and drinks.

I’ve also already sang the praises of eating street food, and today’s tip is really just an extension of that: local beer is cheap, as are the local eats you can pick up at the street food stalls (after street food stalls, after street food stalls). You can’t walk down a street in Berlin without a €1.50 curry wuerst or a €2.5 kebab jumping down your throat, so go ahead and get amongst the deliciousness. And at these prices, why not. A filling and fun can of German beer and a nom nom curry wuerst clocks in at about €3 (seriously) where as if you go imported beer and sushi at the stand next door, you’ll pay twice the price easssyyyyy.

And effectively, by eating local food, you’re actually getting a solid dose of culture. these people have been eating this food for decades and don’t get it at home, so dig in with them. The thing I love about most street food stands in (for example) Berlin is that it’s not just filled with tourists taking goofy pics (yes, yes I did) but locals are also indulging and are commonly open for an (often slightly drunken) chat. Our €1.80 curry wuerst in Berlin came with free entertainment from two tipsy old men who had overdosed on chilli flakes…. they’d take a bite, exclaim “Ach!! Scharf!” at about how spicy it was, wash it down with some beer. They’d then forget about the spice and start the whole process again. It’s the simple things.


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