The best of world on a budget of €15 a day…

Meet the Locals: InterRail budget tip of the day

Day Nineteen: Berlin

I have not been able to stop Berlin from giving me free stuff. And perhaps that’s why I love it. (Berlin, are you flirting with me?)

But then again, a lot of the free stuff has been the courtesy of having an extremely well informed host. Kati’s managed to hook us up with endless supplies of free frozen yoghurt vouchers (viva forever Wonderpots, I’ll miss you), and even scored me an extra band to get into the Nike runners lounge – a post-Berlin marathon event for Nike + runners with endless free bubbles, food, massages, t-shirts and I even scored free running shoes simply for posting my time on their Facebook page.

Even if you don’t have a local armed with free access to events and vouchers, getting to know locals ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS leads to good things. Whether it be the best happy hour, knowledge about a cute cafe that offers free cake with coffee, a brand launching party with free drinks or simply which night of the week a club doesn’t charge cover. Think about the things you could share about your own city (and share this knowledge whenever you get the chance) and think that this is what you could get from a local in return.

I estimate the ‘free stuff i got through Kati’s knowledge about local free things added about 90 euro value to the trip – and that’s excluding the running shoes, which she got to keep as they didn’t fit! See what I mean people, give and take 🙂

On a side note, today was also the day of the Berlin marathon (Kati, my local was also the world’s bex. While I had a great day, I don’t thin I’d recommend trying to run a marathon on fifteenaday. It jut adds to the hunger and the tiredness! Check out the prep here.


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