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Get Poor, but Sexy… InterRail budget tip of the day…

Day Eighteen: Berlin (Day before the marathon)
I love Berlin, I love Berlin, I love Berlin! I love Berlin. Fifteenaday loves Berlin and Berlin loves fifteenaday a lot more than anywhere else so far.
In the early 2000’s Berlin’s own mayor described the city as poor, but sexy. That was a decade ago, and it’s still ringing true. Parts of Berlin resemble snippets of London’s hipster and grimy Hackney and Dalston, but instead of making me squirm at the ridiculousness of some of her London counterparts, theres something about Berlin that makes me want to get involved, wear giant framed glasses, quirky hats and rub stones on my jeans to make them look older. Though I have a sneaky feeling that I might be just faux-homeless enough right now.
But seriously, if you want to feel a city under your skin on fifteenaday, chose Berlin. Cheap eats, cheap drinks (and many excellent cases this weekend free eats and free drinks) enjoyed (well-deserved) after a wander or cycle around what is effectively a giant, interactive history classroom is one of the best experiences Europe can offer. You’ll leave not broke, happy and with a huge yearning to come back. To the untrained eye (or the first time visitor with only two days, perhaps), Berlin’s all about Check Point Charlie and the history of the wall. All must-dos, no doubt about it, but it’s very easy to scratch the surface and see more, more, more. You can read the fifteenaday guide to Berlin here.
Poor but sexy sounds familiar right now (coughs) and in a moment of love-struck gushiness I’m left wondering if Berlin and I are in fact the exact same person. And yes, I still think my bromptonbike is a dog.

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