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Street Food is your Friend: InterRail budget tip of the day

Day Sixteen: Switzerland to Nuremberg

Street food is your friend when you’re fifteenadaying. That said, when you have fifteen euros a day budget, you don’t have a lot of choices! Beggars can’t be choosers and, combined with supermarkets, street food is one of your only food friends!

So: thank your lucky stars that it’s often delicious and comes with excellent additional benefits!

Think about it (goddammit, I love a good list-based argument):

1. You are trying something local

2. Repeat point 1, but consider you’re doing so without splashing the budget to end up in an overpriced, less than authentic, touristy restaurant.

3. Street stalls are so handily located: find yourself in a square you wouldn’t mindadmiring for a while, follow your sense of smell to the nearest and most delicious vendor and BOOM! A meal with a view!

4. The people watching can be especially rewarding as street food in Europe seems to be equally enjoyed by the locals as it does by us mere tourists….

5. Tipsy old men.

Thus far, bargains I have nabbed include Kaeserkrainers (cheese hot dogs) in Austria, Donner Kebab and Bratwuerst in Munich, and I haven’t even gone to Berlin (King of Curry Wuerst!) yet. But today….. wait for it….. I found 55 cent buttered Brezels in Nuremberg.

55 cent buttered brezels.

Watch out bananas, you have stuff competition as preferred fifteenaday fodder.

So. Does anyone have any other street food favourites for the thrifty traveller in Europe… please comment below! Better yet, send in snaps and prices and I’ll create a gallery. This be something to celebrate!



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