The best of world on a budget of €15 a day…

Seek Good ROI: InterRail budget tip of the day

Day Seventeen: Nuremberg

A few weeks ago (AKA: life before fifteenday) five euros for an attraction or museum seemed like nothing.

Alas. Times have changed. Not only have I developed a new appreciation for a 55 cent Brezel (also a key attraction in Nuremberg) but to part with five euros now, I need to be fairly sure it’s going to provide some serious Return On Investment.

No problems here in Nuremberg: cheap food, wonderful old town wandering and (most noteworthy) the €5 entry fee for the documentation centre easily rivals (although an entirely different category) the €3 standing ticket at Vienna’s opera house as the best money spent on the trip so far.

Nuremberg was the heart of Nazi activity in the lead up to, and during, WW2 and the old Nazi rally parade grounds have been turned into  ridiculously interesting museum that walks visitors through the rise of Nazi Socialist leaders in the late 1920s through to their various suicides, hangings and imprisonments before, during and after the trials that took place in Nuremberg in the 1950s. An amazing place, that history buffs and newbies will find equally as fascinating – and an interesting contrast to Nuremberg’s quaint and picture-perfect old town.

For more info, including opening hours, of the Documentation Centre, visit their website.


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