The best of world on a budget of €15 a day…

Pick your patch wisely: InterRail budget tip of the day

Day Fourteen: Munich to Switzerland

The best advice about how to make your fifteenaday last is to pick places where it will last. Sounds so logical, but at times (like today) the lure of beaut mountains and lucious lakes gets too much. So…. I accidentally ended up in Switzerland.

Your fifteenaday doesn’t really stretch so well here, with the amazing €3 street sausage in Munich being replaced by a miniscule bagel that is more like €6. Ouch! If I didn’t have a fantastic host family here, I’d be very very hungry….

Getting out of the train in Zurich is definitely an experience. It’s not like the people are ridiculously stylish…. they’re just incredibly rich looking. And even the supermarket prices aren’t fifteen a day friendly.

She’s definitely a place I recommend doing with cash!


One comment on “Pick your patch wisely: InterRail budget tip of the day

  1. Andrea Lombardoni
    October 2, 2012

    A tip from a resident: in the Zurich station, avoid the supermarket on the ground floor (also avoid any food stall in the vicinity of the station). You have to get to the Migros supermarket in the lower floors. A lot more choice and a lot cheaper.

    Even better, get out of the station, perpendicular to the start of rail track 4, walk about 100m and you will find the bus/tram stop Loewenplatz. 20 meters from there you have the Migros City Center, probably the cheapest supermarket in the center of Zurich.

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