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Medlock’s guide to combining marathon and travel

Just on the train out to the marathon start (those reading who don’t know me, I signed up for the Berlin marathon shortly before getting involved with InterRail’s fifteenaday challenge. I’m not just a sadist who thought this might be a nice wee addition to the trip) and I’m starting to get nervous so I thought I’d distract myself with some writing.

Thus I present thee with “medlock’s guide to marathon prep while travelling”.

I’ve done some epic epic training runs on this trip. Mountains in Slovenia, palaces in Vienna, lakes in Switzerland. But other parts of the prep have been less than ideal. Here’s my take on the golden rules of how you can prep for the big day. I’m basically going to stop writing when the race starts, hop online and post. It’s perfect race day conditions, but I am not in perfect race day condition…

1. Be prepped well in advance.
You should arrive at the race destination a few days in advance, in order to adjust and prep.
KM: or, take a train the day before, which just happens to be the only train on the entire trip that’s delayed,and turn up to pick up your race number 20 mins before the desk closes.

2. Rest up the few days before.
On marathon day, you need all the help you can get so ensure you’re well rested for the big day. Don’t walk around too much the day before.
KM: or, just spend the three weeks before Boosting around Europe with an oversized backpack and an undersized bike. Try visit as many countries as you can, so you don’t sleep much and are extra pooped.

3. Nutrition and hydration are key
Make sure you drink plenty of fluid and eat well in the weeks leading up to the race.
Km: or, do a fifteenaday challenge which sees you eating snacks more desirable for their cost than their nutritious values. Also, temporarily turn in to a tightarse who refuses to buy water.

4. Avoid alcohol before the race.
KM: or, become a slave to how cheap wine is on the continent. Drink to avoid having your couch stay hosts drinking alone. For those with extra dedication, throw in a bonus trip to Oktoberfest the week before.

5. Make sure your gear is well organized
It’s important to have no surprises on race day, so change your gear in advance.
Km: or, run the marathon with a broken shoelace and shorts with a dodgy zip because you were too disorganized to fix that shit before the day before.

Right team, I’m off to run. Beaut day for it. Good morning reichtag!


2 comments on “Medlock’s guide to combining marathon and travel

  1. Clive Spokes
    September 30, 2012

    sorry, but what’s new

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