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Personal: today I hit a low point.

Don’t get me wrong. Today is a good day. Beautiful blue skies, a museum I’ve been wanting to check out for ages and a city that was a surprise, both in terms of an unexpected visit on this trip and in terms of how much I liked it. Yesterday, I had a wonderful day cycling 30km round a lake, finishing with a beaut boat trip with mountain views.

So, why the low point?

Well. I think im going a bit mad to be honest.

Due to having such fantastic hosts to hangout with in the evening, I’ve been making limited to no effort to meet people during the days. Sure theres the banter With the Sausage stand babes, and the odd lunch shared in a park with a tramp, but few “hang out all day and be friends forever” type interactions.

That’s fine, I’m not in the slightest bit lonely but for the first time today I got kind of bored of walking around on my own. I’m far from shy and know I could easily go and make friends but I’ve hit a wall in the last two days and I just cant be bothered. I’m somewhat tired of telling people the fifteenaday story (but I still feel obliged to so they don’t think I’m homeless when they meet me on various park benches eating endless supplies of bananas) and perhaps now is the time to admit I’ve always been a bit of a closet lonewolf.

But today, I’ve got a bit bored. Despite being in fascinating and beautiful town of Nuremberg.

I’ve twice found myself singing to myself (normal) but it was the song choice that concerned me: once Celine Dion “all by myself” and the second time Al Brown’s “I’m so tired of being alone”.

Singing to oneself is no big deal (right?).

But perhaps The real issue is regarding the level of happiness I feel today about going to pick up my Brompton bike.

I’ve parked her up by the river so I could cruise the old town’s cobbled street without permanently damaging my tailbone and other delicate areas (cobbles + brompton would mean a painful marathon on Sunday in Berlin, methinks). But when I just thought about picking her up and cycling home, I felt a wave of joy and relief go over me to see her. It’s almost like I think it’s a dog, waiting patiently for me, tied up to the fence.

And yes I am aware I’m using personal pronouns to talk about an inanimate object. And I guess that’s half the problem, too.

So. I’m glad I’ve got that off my chest. But while I’m here, can I quickly add that (even though I might be taking it too far) that the brompton really has been the most brilliant addition to the trip and through the public transport savings alone, fifteenadaying may not have actually been possible).

Below some snaps of beautiful Nuremberg plus others so you don’t think I’ve spent the whole day playing fetch with my bike, or trying to teach it to shake hands and rollover.





One comment on “Personal: today I hit a low point.

  1. Clive Spokes
    September 29, 2012

    If singing to yourself is a sign of madness, you’ve been mad for a long long time.

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