The best of world on a budget of €15 a day…

I’m on a BOAT!!!! InterRail budget tip of the day

(Day Ten, Venice)

The fastest way to burn though money unnecessarily is to subscribe to gimmicky transport methods. It’s right up there with buying tickets to concerts from people in period dress. Don’t do it. Buying a horse and cart ride in Vienna, or a gondola in Venice are other examples that come to my mind. These quirky and kooky transport methods may well give you a good photo to show friends back home, but other than that, they’re not good for much at all.

While other fools fork out more than €50 for a gondola ride (and most looked mighty depressed punting round too I might add), crafty fifteenadayers will soon find out that taking a vaparetto (the name for the water busses that scoot around the canals) is a good option for those unwilling to part with more than three days budget for 30 mins of unromantic trawling, complete with boats and engines flying around beside you.

Instead of gondolas, €7 buys you a ticket on the number 1 route, which leaves the main train station often and will take you through the grand canal, with an added bonus of getting an additional one up on the rip-off gondolas due to the fact that they’re forbidden to get on the grand canal. Fifteenaday = 1, Gondola – 0.

In addition, where there’s a lack of a bridge you can sometimes even talk gondolas to taking you on a short shuttle across the canal for a fraction of the price! Good view, and the novelty of floating around wears thin quickly so you might find this is enough to suppress your gondola cravings.


The same tip goes in Vienna – where a number of the street trains follow the ring around, giving those too lazy (or cold or hungover) to walk an excellent view of some of the city’s best buildings.


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