The best of world on a budget of €15 a day…

Get Lost!! InterRail budget tip of the day

(Day Eleven, Venice to Munich)

Walking is free. Getting lost is free. I recommend combining these two free activities in Venice. And in a city where the public transport system is pretty expensive, and where it costs €3 to buy a map (day four’s tip about helpful tourist offices isn’t really value here), you don’t really have much choice.

And luckily there is not a better place to do it. Your fifteenaday here looks a little something like this: Pay €7 for a vaporetto ride on the number 1 out to St Mark’s Square (read day ten’s tip for more info) and then turn off your phone, lose the guidebook maps and just wander and wander until you find yourself back where you need to be. The city is actually a lot smaller than you think and though it’s a nightmare to navigate, if you’ve set yourself a lot of time to get lost then it doesn’t really matter. If you just have a day, stick to the main ‘island’ and wandering around is more or less all you’ll have time for. Use the remaining budget for food, street pizza is actually quite cheap here and washed down with a bottle of €2 wine shared with a friend while overlooking the canal at sunset somewhere is not a bad way to spend an evening.

Unsuccessful at seeking out a couch in Venice, I decided to embark on a day trip and take a night train to continue on my merry way. Which, in hindsight, is just as well because the prices in that place are not fifteenaday friendly. Having reluctantly handed over more than half a day’s budget simply for luggage storage, I would just like to put a disclaimer out there – Venice is full of beautiful little canal side restaurants begging you in to enjoy a wine or pasta. It’s also full of galleries and art freaks will be broken-hearted not to explore this. I had a fantastic day in Venice, but I do think it’s a place you miss out on things if you fifteenaday.


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