The best of world on a budget of €15 a day…

Don’t go to Oktoberfest – InterRail budget tip of the day.

(Day Twelve, Munich)

Ahhhh Munich, I love you. You’re full of wonderful things to do on a budget and you’re clean, safe, easy to get around and full of friendly, giant Germans. Those keen to fifteenaday in Bavaria’s capital will be delighted that you can enter a lot of the city’s finest museums for a €1 on Sundays, that cycling around the endless Englischer Garten is free and a brilliant way to pass an afternoon and that the Donnerkebabs are cheap and taste better here than they do in Turkey.

However, fifteenadayers with a keen interest in the infamous festivity that is Oktoberfest be warned. If you decide to head along to the Wiesn you must a) unfortunately need to commit and accept that you’re going break the budget. Or b) have absolutely iron willpower. I must confess I went for option a. Read the full story.

Your fifteenaday here doesn’t cut the mustard and here’s the top five reasons why:

1. Cycling is not a good idea and therefore you have to pay for public transport. Or perhaps the inevitable cab home when you can’t work the u-Bahn after too many Steins.

Poor old Brompton: She had to stay at home today.


2. Steins cost €10 alone.

€10 steins. Ouch. Here’s my with my first.


3. And you won’t get much change from a tenner for food, either. (the usual banana is not sufficient today)


Normal fifteenaday fodder doesn’t work today.

4. And then there’s the fairground rides and minimum €5 a pop. (This one was very spinny)

Fair ground rides. Worth it? Yes.


5. And the novelty hats that hit you for about €20.

Last year’s novelty hat fail.

Yup, today I was defeated by fifteenaday from the moment I yelled ‘Prost’. I had a day off, blew the budget and have been feeling a little jaded ever since. But I do feel I should get some recognition for not buying a novelty hat.

So, today’s budget tip???? Don’t go to Oktoberfest if you’re serious about fifteenadaying.

But on the other hand, you should totally go……


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