The best of world on a budget of €15 a day…

Personal: One week in…. And I can’t believe I haven’t cheated.

One thing I’m enjoying is  the reactions I’m getting on the road, I must say.

Some people are impressed, some suspicious but the most common is disbelief. Most people don’t believe living on fifteenaday is possible, or at any rate don’t believe that someone would actually opt to do it.

I’m not far behind them on this.

Personally, my biggest disbelief about the whole thing is this: I’m a week in today and that I haven’t cheated yet. There have been a few temptations (Come on, we won’t tell and noone will ever find out!! Just one more drink!) but thus far I’ve resisted them.

And it’s taken more strength from me than dieting, being alcohol-free, resisting London’s Carnaby Street or any other of the first world problems we’re all frequently faced with.

While I’m not a particularly disciplined person, I am determined on this one. Those who know me better might call it stubborn and/or pigheaded. But call it what you will, I’ve managed on fifteenaday so far and it’s refreshing!! Well aware I’m not volunteering in Africa or changing the world in any way whatsoever, but it’s an eyeopener none-the-less.

I’m seeing different sides of cities, simply through to being able to sneak off to the nice restaurants, bars and clubs that may as well be in any corner of the globe. I’ve been to buskers festivals in front of beautiful cathedrals, ballets I’d shell out fifty quid for in London and got to know people I’d never even have met if I was hiding away in hotels. I’ve hung out at a body art parlour and drunk wine from a bottle with a well inked Serbian tattoo artist while he worked in Ljubljana.

It has, however, been bloody hard. Leaving Vienna, in particular, was particularly lonely and the fact that I hadn’t yet made it through a week definitely hit in. I feel pretty homeless, hanging out in parks with my many layers, no makeup and huge backpack. Changing cities, travelling alone and constantly thinking forward is pretty exhausting and I’m looking forward to getting to Ben’s place in Slovenia tomorrow.

We stayed here before fifteenaday started as paying guests (ah, the memories) and he said I could come back and be put to work in exchange for board for a few days to gather my thoughts.

I’m not sure how much he meant it but I guess I’ll find out when I arrive tomorrow!! Oddly enough, I can’t wait to help out and collect firewood, cook dinner and generally be domestic for a few days, with the added bonus of being in one of the most beautiful parts of Europe I’ve seen.


3 comments on “Personal: One week in…. And I can’t believe I haven’t cheated.

  1. Kai
    September 19, 2012

    Go hard Medlock! You’re an inspiration xx

  2. Lisa Kingham
    September 19, 2012

    You are doing fantastic, and at the risk o sounding corny – I’m so proud of u!! 🙂 love reading ur stories and at this stage I’m giving everyone around me the updates of ur whereabouts! Great writing! Lisa xxx

  3. sita
    September 21, 2012

    Vienna was also very sad to see you leave 😦 if you change your mind about Sofia you know you’re more than welcome 😉 all the best for this and the next trip!!

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