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InterRail budget tip of the day (Day Four, Vienna)

This journey is sponsored by InterRail and I’ll be posting a daily tip about how to save money for those of you who might be undertaking an InterRail journey for yourself!

Goodbye Mozart, Hello Tourist Office!

It’s not rocket science – and all savvy travellers probably already know that if a Mozart approaches you in Vienna, he’s going to sell you a marked up ticket. I’m fairly sure your fifteenaday won’t cover anything he has to offer. In contrast, many European countries the tourist offices are excellent. They are often located near the train station, which is excellent news for InterRailers. If you make a quick visit to one of them your first port of call in new city, you’ll find that you’ll waste less time googling and researching – and they often know what’s free, or almost free. It’s common sense, but choose wisely about that you chose to visit -although they have excellent information, they also have some pretty average attractions that are not designed with fifteenadayers in mind.

For example: from a short visit to the tourist office in Vienna, you can seriously stretch your fifteenaday budget by arming yourself with the following information: how to get €3 standing ticket at the opera house (this is a must do), which state museums waive their entry fee on the first Sunday of every month and what dates free performances of the famous Vienna Boys Choir take place. That’s a whole lot of culture right there. And if you want more…

They’ve got stacks of practical information and resources like maps with explanations of the best walking routes, information on how to work the city’s excellent CityBike scheme and a list of which attractions and cafes have free Wifi you can pillage when you need it. Sometimes they even have free WIFI themselves.

The best budget travellers are informed budget travellers – now, go forth and conquer my friend.

On a hilarious note, you should also be aware that the tourist offices are also full of gimmicks – check out what these idiots did to poor princess Sisi… WTF is 5D cinema anyway!?!??!


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