The best of world on a budget of €15 a day…

InterRail budget tip of the day (Day Two, Graz to Vienna)

This journey is sponsored by InterRail and I’ll be posting a daily tip about how to save money for those of you who might be undertaking an InterRail journey for yourself.

Day Two’s Tip: Snacks Before Tracks

Rail travel is a great way to get around Europe and using an InterRail pass has proved so far so good – but a sure fire way to waste away coins that are better spent elsewhere i by boarding hungry and thirsty. Almost all major rail stations have decent wee supermarkets where you can stock up on water and snacks – which will save you paying almost double the price on board and give you a better selection so you don’t fork out €3.50 for a stale sandwich and €2 for a water.
Personally, I recommend going bananas. Frugal and thrifty travellers will be quick to realise that the cheapest way to eat is bread, cheese, a little bit of protein and a little bit more bread, so take the chance when you can to get amongst some fruit. Bananas cash in at about 30 cents in many European countries, and she should fend of the hunger for long enough to enjoy the scenery!

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