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Personal: The First (Half) Day…

Well – waking up in Graz for the first day, what can I say?

Well, to start it was only a first HALF day as Basl didn’t leave until midday, treating me first to an amazing breakfast up on the Castle Hill – NICE!

For those of you who know him, this comment needs to explanation, but when he ever he leaves I always wander around for the first house quite confused and not sure what to do with myself. For those of you who don’t know him, he’s a boisterous and loud BFG type character who needs to be talking, touching or playing all of time. It’s not limited to me: he’ so tactile that I often catch him touching strangers: high-fiving, back-patting or sometimes headlocking people from close friends to near strangers through to taxi drivers and wait staff.

In short, when he’s there, you know all about it. And when he isn’t I wonder how everything is so quiet.

So when he left today I busied myself with last minute prep for the trip and then set off for the first journey, only to find my bike broken!!! NOOOOOO. I found a sports shop who were slightly mystified by the Brompton, muttering things in German that I just about understood to be that they couldn’t fix it because it the bike was like nothing they’d ever seen before.

Fear/Awe from the Austrians re: the Brompton

Shortly after, it turned out it was a mere flick of the switch, we all laughed at ourselves and I hit the road in search of food, which I found with a sandwich from a local bakery. Nom Nom. Chose to eat this in front of a gorgeous building down town, whichsadly turned out to be in the light rain while talking to the local town lunatic and his dog Moegli….. When I asked what all the scaffolding in front of the town hall was for, he told me they were gearing up for a Styrian food festival over the weekend. “Worth going to?” I asked in my dodgy Deutsch…. “No, Styrian food is disgusting” he said. Errr… right. I was saved by the rain, but not after learning he was terrified of the internet but recognised he needed to succumb because it was getting increasingly difficult to buy CDs/records/tapes. He wasn’t fussy so long as he got music!

Old Mate and Moegli: Music = good, Styrian food and internet = bad.

So, I’ve pedalled back to last night’s accommodation to pick up my back pack, where I’ve bought a coffee so I can pillage their WIFI and now I’m about to bike 5km, in the torrential rain to my first couch surfing experience, which I’m hoping is more positive than my other interaction with Old Mate (featured above), I’m sure it will be as Karin seems lovely. Spending to date? A huge €2.90 for the coffee (extravagant!!) and  €2.20 for the lunch makes for  €5.10 all up, giving me a whopping €9.90 rollover!! YEOOOWWWW!!!!!

A guide to Graz and today’s money saving tip will be written up tomorrow on the train to Vienna – which is going to be my first actual InterRail journey through the amazing Semmering Bahn, with any luck the weather improves as sheäs meant to be an incredible ride!



4 comments on “Personal: The First (Half) Day…

  1. Philippa Medlock
    September 12, 2012

    Good luck hope you’re not lonely with all your new friends!

  2. Clive Spokes
    September 12, 2012

    Glad you’re having a great time, keep an eye on your bike at all times.

  3. Aroha
    September 13, 2012

    This is pure gold and will no doubt be an addiction over the next 29 days. Love your work Medlock, can’t wait to hear what you get up to. Have a BLAST!

  4. Maureen Bull
    September 14, 2012

    Sounds great, better eat enough to keep your strength up for all that cycling!!
    Lots of love and take care.

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