The best of world on a budget of €15 a day…

feck it, they said yes…

Hey Team;

So – the project begins.

Just jumped off the phone with and we’ve all agreed. The project in discussion is a one month journey crossing through ten European countries in 30 days. Sounds doable. Did I mention it’s on a budget of €15 a day? And that I’m training for the Berlin marathon that takes place half way through the project?

Ouch. In most European countries that won’t even fund a hostel, let alone the ‘carboloading’ that I normally enjoy pre-race (eating, glorious eating: it’s the only reason I run) OR the possible rail reservation supplements I’ll have to pay, OR the expensive booze habit I developed at uni and have carefully nurtured since. Or. Or. Or….. Yes I have thought about that, but in a fleeting kind of way…

Nonetheless it’s happening, and I’m confident that on the project I’ll uncover a lot of surprises, make new friends and have an absolute blast on the way. I’ve quit the job (sounds drastic, but this was happening anyway). The journey will start in Slovenia, where I’m finishing off some personal travels with the the boyfriend. Said boyfriend then ditches me for a stag do in Vegas (I wonder how much of a stripper the fifteenaday budget would cover??) and I hit the road.

Or should I say rails…..

So team, next question….. and probably quite an important one….. where will I be going? Flick me any tips on twitter or in the comments please.

Talk soon,

Meds x


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This entry was posted on August 25, 2012 by in General Chat.


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